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The Hottest Housing Markets In America

If you like cold winters, you will love this list

With just a few months left in 2019, it’s not too late to purchase your first home if you are in a financial position to do so. In fact, buying in the Fall & Winter months will often reap better deals with less competition.  If you are considering moving, recently highlighted the hottest housing markets in the country, as of September 2019.

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is one of the least expensive housing markets in America, and ranks seventh as one of the hottest as well. A hot market is defined as the shortest time during which a house sits on the market from listing date. A typical home in Buffalo goes under contract in just 28 days, which is half of the national average (57).

Midland, Texas

Home values continue to rise in Midland, Texas, a small metro in between El Paso and Fort Worth in the Lone Star State. The median price for a home in Midland hovers around $260,000, with values increasing over 11% year-over-year.

Topeka, Kansas

If you are looking for an affordable market on the rise, consider Topeka. With a median listing price under $140,000, you can get a lot of house for a very affordable price in the heart of the Midwest.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus continues to be a real estate investors paradise, with houses listed under $350,000 moving almost as fast as they can be listed. The average sale price of homes in the area has gone up over 9 percent year-over-year, outpacing other larger metros in the state.

Pueblo, Colorado

The hottest real estate market in Colorado isn’t Denver, but Pueblo. Desirable homes in the area don’t last long on the market, with the average listing price hovering around $205,000. In Colorado Springs, you will pay over $350,000 for the median property.

Rochester, New York

Another market in NY makes the list, with a common theme – affordability. Rochester’s median sales price is a very attractive $140,000, and that in turn is making inventory very low. If you are considering purchasing in Rochester, you will likely be in a bidding war for properties in desirable neighborhoods.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hottest housing market in America

The hottest real estate market in America is likely the most surprising on this list – Fort Wayne, Indiana. Properties priced to sell there often receive dozens of requests to show and full asking price offers within 48 hours. The median listing price in the city is $138,900, and home values have increased nearly 10% over the past year.

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