Major Changes to Uber Credit Card

Is it still worth keeping?

With the recent re-launch of the American Express Green Card, the folks at Uber have decided to revamp their popular Visa credit card to compete. Some of the exciting new changes to the Uber card include:

  • You will earn 5% back on all Uber purchases (Uber Rides, Uber Eats, and JUMP (Scooter/Bike)
  • You will now earn 3% cash back on all purchases from bars and restaurants (previously 4%)
  • You will earn 3% cash back on hotel and Air B&B purchases
  • You will no longer earn actual cash back, but instead Uber Cash (Uber Credit) on purchases
  • You will earn 1% back on all other purchases
  • They officially changed the name of the card from Uber Visa to Uber Card

Most of us who already have this card will likely not cancel it due to the unpopular percentage change on the restaurant purchases, as this card is now in line with other cards in the market (Savor, Bank of America Cash Rewards). The Uber Card will also no longer offer the $50 credit toward streaming services as it did in the past, however now provides a roadside dispatch service with a flat fee of $69.95 per use.

Some things did not change, including the fact that the Uber Card has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and comes with cell phone protection, which made this an attractive option at launch.

The Uber Card is the best no annual fee card on the market currently with no foreign transaction fees and cell phone protection, and provides 3-5% back in key categories.  If you are not familiar with the cell phone protection, the Uber Card protects you for up to $600 in the event of damage, loss, or theft of your mobile phone.

If you rely on the services offered by Uber (i.e Uber Eats vs. Postmates or Uber vs. Lyft) this card is a no-brainer. If you are not heavily invested in their ecosystem, the Uber Card is still an attractive daily driver with no annual fee. For those currently with a premium card such as the American Express Gold, Bank of America Cash Rewards, or Citi Prestige, you are better off staying the course, as the differences far outweigh the benefit.

The Uber credit card is issued by Barclays Bank, and is one of the flagship card in their current consumer offerings. If you are considering applying, you can earn $100 in Uber Cash after spending $500 on purchases within the first 90 days.

Changes for existing cardholders won’t occur until early 2020.

Terms & Conditions of the Uber Card

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